InnerGeek are a husband and wife team with a shared love of all things sci-fi, superhero and gaming.  Vicky is a massive Trekkie, whereas Rich prefers Star Wars, causing many an argument.  Since having two boys Vicky often loses this argument as Lightsabers are way cooler than phasers!  One thing they can all agree on is superheroes rock, just don’t ask who would win in a fight between Hulk and Batman!

They started InnerGeek as a place to buy quality, licenced products that show a love of Geeky things without being too obvious.  Of course, there are some items which scream GEEK and some that are just out and out fun.  But mostly they were looking for items that you could take into work and not look out of place, whilst gaining a knowing nod from the other closet geeks around the table.

Having invested the time in purchasing quality products, InnerGeek also provide a quality service and where possible free delivery. InnerGeek’s communication with the shopper throughout their shopping experience will have them returning time and time again. 

We used recyclable paper packaging wherever possible all securely taped printed with our distinctive glasses. We will be happy to provide alternative packaging if you require discretion, our aim is to exceed your expectations and deliver what you want. If there is anything else you want just e-mail us or give us a call.

One thing is for sure, you can count on InnerGeek.